Unisex Fragrance - Bon Parfumeur - 902

Unisex Fragrance - Bon Parfumeur - 902


Bon Parfumeur Paris - Unisex Fragrances

NEW FRAGRANCE Fall-winter 2017
Eau de parfum
30 ml – 1 fl.oz.

Strength of the armagnac, softness of the vanilla.

The top, fresh and citric. Then, the spicy and powdery note associates with woody facets giving an impression of dried and broken leaves. Tabaco and vanilla tones constantly echoes. After a few instants, a leathery and coffee note develops. Rich and gourmet…a perfume that evokes an effluvium of Armagnac.

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Intoxicating evening
Control loss
Boyish chic

Weekend in the green
Grand cru tasting
Simplicity and character

….or each to their own desire


Karine Dubreuil – Sereni 
Spending her childhood in Grasse and having integrated the school of Roure (Givaudan today), Karine Dubreuil – Sereni signs iconic perfumes such as Eclat d’Arpège from Lanvin before becoming one of our “noses” at Bon Parfumeur.
“For me, creativity is the opening we have on the world, it is curiosity.”
“To be a good perfumer, two things are needed: to keep your childhood’s soul and to make commercial perfumes more accessible”.