Unisex Jewelry - In Gold We Trust - Bangle Pictogram Gold

Unisex Jewelry - In Gold We Trust - Bangle Pictogram Gold


Unisex Jewelry

In Gold We Trust, Paris.

Slim band, adjustable, unisex.

Brass, laser engraved

18K gold plated.

One size fits all

Product care:

Avoid salt water, detergents to keep the shine of gold.

Clean with a chamoisine.

Width : 3 mm (0,1')

One size: 55 à 65 mm (2,1' to 2,3')

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IN GOLD WE TRUST is a parisian label with a transgressive aesthetic. This collective is born around a common creative project, eclectic and in constant evolution.

Consommable "expendable" - Fall-Winter 2018

 Made in Paris, it deals with mass distribution and overconsumption, by diverting the symbols of consumerist society as a whole.

It highlights the insignificant details of our daily consumption to make them valuable, desirable and essential. Consommable plays on the ambivalence between desire and necessity. The ephemeral becomes durable, luxury becomes expendable.

Limited stocks and production to order take part in a global action for a new reasoned consumption process.