Amsterdam, October 2017

As of November 2nd 2017, art & design store matter .of material will be permanently featuring the collection of fashion label Brownie and Blondie.

After successful pop up collaborations with The Pulitzer Hotel and matter .of material during the past two years, French unisex fashion label Brownie and Blondie will be permanently available in Amsterdam. Launching November 2nd with a store event in the presence of B&B founder and designer Fabrice Couturier.

“We’re excited to collaborate with partners who share Brownie and Blondie’s passion for innovative materials and cuts and who understand and support our gender independent philosophy” says Fabrice Couturier. “Amsterdam has become a second home for Brownie and Blondie.” he explains the decision, “The multi-cultural atmosphere, its open-minded people and the art and the dance scene here are so inspiring and perfect for collaborations with other creative minds.”

matter .of material is located between the Rijksmuseum and the main canal streets and is the latest addition to the upcoming diversity of stores in the district ‘Spiegelkwartier’, a highly prestigious location among some of the most exciting art galleries and retailers in Amsterdam. The store, which encapsulates Brownie and Blondie’s fashion collection and selected pieces of artists and designers with a traceability approach – and, at the same time, its genuine, contemporary and cosmopolitan identity – transforms shopping into a sensorial experience.

Those who enter the store discover a magical place where the future cohabits with traditional and contemporary craftsmanship. Behind the large glass facade, the showcased products have all one thing in common: the skilled manufacturers and designers focus on fine detailing of construction-and production techniques and great care for the chosen materials. Beside B&B’s unisex collection, matter .of material provides space for thoughtfully curated design pieces by contemporary designers like Lex Pott, Christien Meindertsma and Alex de Witte.

Clothes and design pieces are displayed on convertible rails and shelves, so that the layout can be rearranged continuously, according to the demands of the collections, without impacting the store’s atmosphere. This flexible solution, which preserves the location’s ambience, also renders the store the ideal location for hosting events and personal meetings with the designer.

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