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How B+B is sustainable?

B+B creates inclusive fashion for people of all ages, gender and body types.

Inner Beauty. B+B produces age and gender independent clothes which emphasize the inner beauty of the individual wearer. We develop special innovative fabrics that allow and enable gender-independent cuts without compromising the shape and individual body features of our costumers.

Sustainability. We don’t follow trends nor fashion seasons, we develop sequential collections in order to optimize the design and wearing comfort. No over-production, our collections grow with our customer base.


We produce in Europe, in France, Portugal or Poland in close collaboration with selected manufactory partners who provide fair and safe working conditions for their employees. Our fabrics are sourced in France or Italy and are locally produced. We produce small quantities and control the quality in every step of the process. We customize our materials to the maximum in order to offer an original and quality product.

Starting in 2019, our accessories will be made of Bio-sourced material: 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable... Like these buttons made of cellulose acetate from wood and recycled wood chips or made of recycled plastic. or like our cotton for tee-shirts made of bio-cotton.