Smoking P14 B/W Pixel
Smoking P.14 B/W Pixel
Smoking P14 B/W Pixel
Smoking P14 B/W Pixel

Smoking P14 B/W Pixel

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Smoking is a jacket that redefines the tuxedo… from it, it has a single-breast, with shawl collar and pockets edged with piping… As a new idea, this jacket has no lining in order to feel the quality of the fabric and the sleeves are long enough to be rolled… The edgy cut of the sleeves is a mix of raglan and a classic tailoring sleeve… a beautiful work that makes this jacket a very special product.
B+B plays with the code of sport like fluorescent details but with high-end productions standards and innovative fabrics.
B+B believes in inclusivity, gender fluidity and body positivity. 

P14 is a black and white Jacquard fabric with a natural elasticity and a pixelized pattern.

This modern fabric is produced in France in the area of Lyon, 60 km from B+B’s headquarters in Mâcon.

Washable 30°C.

48%Polyester 26%Acetate 26%Polyamid


Our clothing collection is produced in Poland and our socks collection in France in collaboration with high-end atelier that respect our philosophy, and their workers too.


Our fabrics are developed in France or Italy, and we like to have our own exclusive design that allows us to produce high quality and no season collections.


Our designer and founder learned his savoir-faire in French Haute Couture and collaborated for 20 years to high end brands focusing on quality and innovation.